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Department of Assamese


Since time immemorial Assam has been known for its rich tradition, language, literature, and culture. Its present state language is Assamese or Axomiya. Though various dialects are spoken in Assam but Axomiya can be called the mother of all the dialects and languages spoken in Assam. The origin of the Assamese language can be traced back to the Indo-Aryan language it has been enriched with the Austricts, Dravidians, Tibeto, Chinese, etc. Assamese is taught in all the colleges of Assam with utmost care as a Major Indian language. Assamese department was established in 1977 and with the view to enriching this language, our college started Major course is this subject from 1992. The major course contains a history of the Assamese language-literature-culture as well as world literature and Sanskrit-Pali-Prakrit Language.

 The department was started by  Late  Anjalika Rajkhowa, Associate retired Professor, as the HoD. She was retired in January 2010 and supported by Mrs. Swapna Chetia Gogoi, who later moved to Lakhimpur Girls’ College. Mr. Lila Borah(1979) and Mrs. Salema Begum(1988) joined this department later. In 2006 Mr. Lila Borah retired. After the retirement of Lila Borah on 9th May 2007 Mrs. Mina Borah Joined as a lecturer in this Department and after the retirement of Anjalika Rajkhowa, Bhaskarjit Borah joined(2010) as an Assistant Professor. Salema Begum was HoD from 2010 to 2015. After Retirement(2015) of  Salema Begum  Dr.Binita Saharia Joined (2016)as an Assistant Professor. Mrs. Mina Borah was HoD from 2015 to 2018 and Dr. Bhaskarjit Borah was HoD from 2018 to till day. After the death of Mina Borah(2019), Dr. Randeep Borah joined as an Assistant Professor in December 2020. Dr. Mowchumi Chetia, Jyotshna Hazarika, Dr. Jibon Nath Surabhi Gogoi, Rima Borah, Karunakanta Hazarika, Rasna Das, Alpana Dutta, Pinki Devi, Nayanmoni Borah, Jyotishmrita Dutta, Dinesh Borah, Rubi Borah, Propancha Boruah, Puspanjali Hazarika, Himashree Pawe offered their valuable service to the department as a part-time lecturer from 1993 to 2022 respectively.


In the future the Department will introduce PG Courses.

Aspires to publish Research Books and Journals.

Old book Collection.

Manuscripts collection.

Collection of books and enhancement of Department Library.

Upgradation of Departmental museum.

Documentation of all the reports and data collected from the Field study. So as to publish some books on folk literature on the basis of data collected.

Seat Capacity :

HS 300
BA(Honors) 40
BA (Generic) 40





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Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining View Profile
DR. BHASKARJIT BORAH Assistant Professor M.A., Ph.D 12-May-2010 View Profile
BINITA SAHARIA Assistant Professor M.A., Ph.D, B.Ed 28-May-2016 View Profile
RANDEEP BORAH Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D 05-Dec-2020 View Profile
PUSPANJALI HAZARIKA 0000-00-00 View Profile
HIMASHREE PAWE Contractual 0000-00-00 View Profile
PURABI DUTTA 0000-00-00 View Profile