L.T.K. college was established on 22nd August 1977 and is permanently affiliated with Dibrugarh University. At the initial stage, it offered higher education in the Arts stream only, and in 1994 science stream was started with a view to impart science education to the rural youths. Since the inception of the college English was offered as a compulsory subject. With the passage of time and seeing the growing interest of aspiring youths Department of English was established in 2014 and started offering Major courses in English. Since the establishment of the department five batches have successfully completed B.A in English with an overall pass percentage of 94.7 and five nos. of students secured 1st class. The department also offers various Certificate Courses in Spoken English, Communication Skills, Functional English etc. from time to time to enrich students’ academic profiles and to enable the learners to communicate effectively and appropriately in real life situations.


The English Department strengthens the liberal education of students by developing an expanded understanding of language and literature. The value of critical reading and effective writing, and the richness of literature, past and present.


The English Department seeks to foster knowledge and a love of literature and of language in our students. To this end, we shall provide students in all emphasis areas with a coherent curricular framework and relevant, well-structured course choice. Our department will teach a variety of literary, analytical, pedagogical, and theoretical skills. We shall teach students to speak, read and write effectively. We shall encourage students to think deeply and reflect on what they have learned. We shall encourage a love of learning and an appreciation for a liberal education.

Our Values: 

· Convey knowledge of literary history, forms, theory, and a wide variety of texts and a wide array of vocabularies and practices used to consider them.

· Give students an understanding of and appreciation for the English language and literature.

· Provide students with writing and critical thinking skills useful both in the academic and in the world at large.

· Cultivation of critical reading and reflection.

· Production of excellent writing in a variety of forms.

· The ways the study of language and literature transforms our understanding of local, national, and international communities.

· Offer opportunities to explore identity, values, manners, and morals.

· We value teaching that will lead our students to participate in society as informed, responsible citizens.



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Extension Activity:

a. Field Visit with Students list (including date, place, roll nos., names, and purpose)

Ø Department of English does not conduct Field visits.

b. Freshers:

Ø On 6th July’ 2021, the Departmental Freshers of the Department has been organized to welcome the Freshers. In this session, a total of 11 (eleven) nos. of fresh students took admission in our department.

c. Farewell etc.

Ø On 16th June 2022, the Parting Social of the Department has been organised to give farewell to the outgoing students of the Department.



Department of English, L.T.K. College has signed a MoU with the Department of English, Lakhimpur KendriyaMahavidyalaya, Modomia, North Lakhimpur.



Ø Sri Biju Kr. Sonowal, HoD, Department of English has attended in 2 Workshops On “NAAC Assessment and Accreditation” as Resource Person and delivered deliberation at Pub Dikrong College, Bihpuria, North Lakhimpur and Pub Majuli College, Majuli, Jorthat.

Ø Miss Tarali Gogoi has secured 1st Class with 63.50%. in the UG examination conducted by Dibrugarh University

Ø Sri PriyamPegu won the Best Prize for Poetry in English Section, L.T.K. College Annual College Week.

Ø Miss Pari Nath, Alumni of the Department, 2018 Batch has successfully completed her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from Dibrugarh University.



A webinar was organised on the topic “The Concept of Romanticism in Literary History” was organised by the Department on 27/7/2021. Sri Arindam Borkataky, an eminent critic, writer and essayist attended as the Resource Person and deliberated on the topic.

On 30th November 2021 the Department of English has organised a Career Counselling Session for Students, conducted by Guwahati T-Series Stageworks’s Academy, A unit of Film and Music Academy of T-Series of India.


On 6th July’ 2021, the Departmental Freshers of the Department has been organised to welcome the Freshers. In this session a  total of 11 (eleven) nos. of fresh students took admission in our department


Inauguration of Departmental Wall Magazine on the eve of Annual College Week on 6th July 2021


Attended the One Day Workshop on NAAC Assessment and Accreditation” as Resource Person at Pub Dikrong College, Bihpuria, North Lakhimpur, Assam.



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Faculty Members:

Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining View Profile
BIJU KUMAR SONOWAL Assistant Professor (HOD) M.A., M.Phil. 03-Aug-2000 View Profile
NURULLAH RAHMAN Contractual 0000-00-00 View Profile
Palki Kaushik 0000-00-00 View Profile
TULIKA GOGOI 0000-00-00 View Profile