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Department of History


Department of History is one of the oldest departments of the college. The department was with the establishment of the college, having a view to enlighten the learners with relevant knowledge and to help the people of the surrounding area in social mobilization and improvement of their socio-economic base.


To develop proper understanding of History through a critical reading of our past, so as to build a strong India and to promote international understanding.


• To empower the students to make career in public and private sector so that they enhance their quality of lives and contribute to nation building.

• To enlighten the learners with relevant knowledge and equipping them for developing their level of competence.

• To maintain healthy academic atmosphere through effective teaching learning and extension activities.

• To help the people of surrounding area in social mobilizing and the improvement of their social, economic base by involving them in various institutional activities.

• To in calculate the spirit of enquiry in the teaching learning process through appropriate pedagogy and ICT.


Programmed Offered: 

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Three Years




Three Years


Student Capability Enhancement Program (Add-on course): 

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Tourism in Assam


Three Months


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Departmental Activities (Reports): 

a. Financial Assistance and books are provided to the economically poor students.

b. During the lockdown period counseling was done in order strengthen the students mentally.

c. Online classes are done regularly.

d. Students and teachers of History department actively participated in the programs organized by NSS unit of L. T. K. College.

e. Actively participated in all the functions of the College Week.

f. Visited the places of historical as well as cultural importance.


Department Achievements: 

First Class Holders

1. Hemanta Hazarika

2. Kandrapa Borah

3. Mandita Gogoi

4. Bikash Nath

5. Kiranjyoti Nath

6. Arun Dhital

7. Manash Nath

Name- JintoDuwara, 5th Sem, selected by the District Election Authority as an Ambassador of Young Voters.


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Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining View Profile
BIDYUT CHUTIA Associate Professor M.A., M.Phil 27-Aug-1990 View Profile
LICHAMONI BORUAH GOGOI Assistant Professor M.A. 01-May-2008 View Profile
DEVAJYOTI CHETIA Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed. 01-Oct-2010 View Profile
SHIKHAMONI BHUYAN Contractual MA 16-Jul-2022 View Profile
Rishita Dastidar Contractual 01-Mar-2023 View Profile
ABHILASH SHARMA BORUAH 0000-00-00 View Profile
SONALI BORAH 0000-00-00 View Profile