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Department of Mathematics


The Department of Mathematics was started from the date of establishment of the science stream viz. 1994.  Initially, Dharani Dutta, a subject teacher of Panigaon was engaged as a lecturer in the department of Mathematics. After that, GB of college was decided to engage a full-time lecturer named SwapnaliBorgohain and she was appointed as a full-time lecturer from 1995.As it was impossible to carry out the whole syllabus by one teacher. So,from time to time part-time some teachers were engaged in the college to teach the student. There are number of teachers in the college who taught earlier in the college and nowadays they are established in various colleges, schools,and different fields. The department was provincialized in the year 2013.At this stage, there are 3 nos. of regular teachers in the department .From time to time ad-hoc teacher is engaged to do classes regularly. The major course of the department was introduced with 17 no’s of students in the year 2014. Among them three nos of students passed out with 1st Class in the year 2017. Starting from the year 2017 till today there were 48 nos of students got 1st Class. Some of them completed their higherstudy (M.Sc.)  from different university and now they are engaged as a teacher,advocate, high school teacher, subject teacher executive and other professionals.About 50% of the outgoing students are serving in different organizations, office workers and engaged themselves in business as a profession.

Since,all the teachers of the department are constantly engaged in different extension activities and research works from time to time. They are creating awareness among the students regarding the importance of mathematical studies.

The department is planning to offer a helping hand in each part. Again, it is planning to test the knowledge in the subject matter of the students. Departmental meeting are arranged on every month for the discussion of departmental problems. To explore and expose the inner potentiality of the students in various direction the department is going to introduce departmental wall magazine.The teacher of this department renders their help by providing books, uniform, taking extra classes, group discussion to improve the academic standard and other extracurricular activities of the students. The students were evaluated through the various tests such as cross questioning in the class, unit test, seminar, group discussion etc.

The enrolment of the department is gradually increasing day by day.Average 40 nos of students enrolled every year.


· Nurture knowledge, skill and attitude in individuals through Curriculum to achieve academic excellence,

· To aware studentsabout employability and economic development.

· Educating rural youths as responsible citizen.

· Providing quality education to socially and economically backward classes of surrounding areas.

· To encourage students to take active participation in their local, national and global problems.

Vision: Our vision is to provide quality higher education and excellence for development of mathematical sense

Programme Offered

· H.S. (Arts & Science)

T.D.C(Arts & Science) Semester System (Honours)

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Research Projects : A Ph. D. has been pursuing two faculties Mr. Manash Protim Borah  from NIT, Arunachal Pradesh and Rinku Dutta from  USTM, Meghalaya.


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1st Semester

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1st-semester reading materials of C.1.1 and C.1.2 in PDf formats

2nd Semester

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2nd-semester reading materials of C.2.1 and C.2.2 in PDf formats

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 -Innovative processes in Teaching and Learning:

We use a projector and smartboard by sharing our study material in the form of PDFs, Slides, and Short Videos among students. Also, we visualize some topics in the form of PPT, Models, and Graphics. Actually, we have a software name “Mathematica”. With the help of Mathematica, we can visualize some figure, Graphics, Diagrams, and results immediately. Besides, we took online classes during the Lockdown period in the year 2020 (from April -Oct 20) and in the year 2021(from May-Aug 21)with the help of WhatsApp, Zoom, Teach mint, and Zoom app and provides study materials through WhatsApp, Google Classroom, Zoom app and Teach mint.


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Departmental Stock Register : 

1. There are two kinds of stock registers-

I. Library Stock Register

II. Asset Register

Xeroxed copies of both are enclosed here with


Best Practice : 

Generally, we teachers of the department are maintaining Teacher Logbook and Teachers Diary by writing teachers’ daily activities. It helps us to attach ourselves to the college during college hours.

Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining View Profile
SWAPNALI BORGOHAIN Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Phil 27-Sep-1995 View Profile
RINKU DUTTA Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed. 30-Aug-2004 View Profile
MANASH PROTIM BORAH Assistant Professor (HOD) M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed. 14-Aug-2013 View Profile
Nitupran Senapoti Guest Faculty 01-Aug-2023 View Profile
ARCHANA BORAH 0000-00-00 View Profile