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Department of Philosophy


The history of the Department of Philosophy of L.T.K.College is indeed as old.  The subject of Philosophy was introduced at the inception of the college in 1992.  Mr. Gulap Sharma Baruah was the founder teacher of the Department of Philosophy.  After a few years, Mr. Golap Sharma Baruah left the college and Mr. Dhamandra Upadhyai joined the Department.  But due to his untimely demise, he also left the Department. After that Mr Basanta Dutta joined in this department in the year 1995 as a tutor and after Mr kula Gogoi joined in this department as a temporary teacher. In the year 1997 after proper advertisement, Mr Basanta Dutta was regularized as a permanent teacher and Mr. Kula Gogoi was regularized in the year 2000. It is the pride of the Department of Philosophy that Dr. Golap Sharma Baruah became the  Principal of the Lakhimpur Kendriya College.

The Department was without a Major (Honours) in Degree level till 2017.  During the period the Department had remain content in teaching Logic at Higher Secondary level and Philosophy as a past course in the Degree level.  After a lengthy process, yielding to all the formalities the Department started honors classes in 2018 with 6 numbers of students.  With the commencement of the honors classes, the need of more teachers was urgently felt. When we opened the major course there was only two permanent teacher. It was difficult for us to conduct our classes with two teachers. In this regards our Principal appointed two contractual teacher in the year 2020 namely Mrs. Munmi Neog and Miss Simashree Saikia

Now, there are about 54  major students and almost 60 non-major students of Philosophy in Degree level.

Vision/ Mission: 

Philosophy is one of the fundamental studies of human development with an interdisciplinary approach.  It covers every aspect of human experience and goes beyond.  It highlights basic human values and spirit from a global perspective and helps achieve the great ideal.

The faculty members of the Department devoted themselves in making the students well versed with the true spirit and knowledge of the subject, skilled them with a positive outlook, and making them confident to face the challenges and thereby contribute a lot to the well-being of society and the state.


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Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining View Profile
BASANTA DUTTA Assistant Professor M.A., M.Phil 14-Feb-1997 View Profile
KULA GOGOI Assistant Professor M.A., B.Ed 09-Dec-2000 View Profile
MUNMI NEOG Contractual 01-Oct-2021 View Profile
SIMASHREE SAIKIA 0000-00-00 View Profile
SIMASHREE SAIKIA 0000-00-00 View Profile
Queen Doley 0000-00-00 View Profile
Pranay Jyoti Nath 0000-00-00 View Profile