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Department of Zoology

Departmental History

LTK College with both Arts and Science streams was opened in 1994. We offered non- major courses & major courses in 2008 but our major courses started with effect from 2011with few students, since then our department has been started offering major courses till now. From the running of the major course, our department gradually developed and now become a full-fledged department that fulfilled a demand for B.Sc. studying students in our localities. Our department achieved tremendous results in the last few years and hope we will conquer the top and be established as a renowned department at Dibrugarh University in Assam.


To achieve a leading science college can provide good quality education to create new knowledge for the societal (for both rural and urban) environment for another 5 or 6 years. To impart good quality of education with some collaborative projects offering opportunities of the long term which will turn valuable to the society and will produce major gains in student achievements. Our departmental vision is to develop all-around development, responsible students which achieve their full potential by following a supportive learning environment.

Our department is committed to providing a positive and safe environment for the students.           

Our department has a vision to aware people of animal life, conservation of nature, and the ecosystem, and students must know the value of nature where we live and they must become skillful people to stand for themselves.


The primary purpose of our department is to preserve the knowledge of the students and improve the quality of the students. The department also seeks to help the students to improve their quality of life and to develop their creativity and potentialities & intellectual potentialities in the field of human development. In view of the above lines, the department must generate research work, and strengthen in the field of multi-learning and other interdisciplinary studies. To collaborate with other research Institutes and communities and some fellow institutions around us to strengthen the education and towards the field of research for another 5 or 6 years. The department is committed to excellence in all walks of activities towards continuous work of achievements.

Achieving Goals:

  1. To increase educational areas.
  2. To increase students' experience.
  3. Enhance diversity.
  4. Enhance alumni meet.
  5. To develop a cleaner and greener campus.
  6. Develop the attitude among the students about environmental pollution focusing on solid-waste management.

Develop scientific temper and research aptitude in Molecular Biology, Genetics, Environmental Science, Biochemistry, and Biodiversity.


The program offered:  

                BSc course


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Mentor-Mentee List and Outcome: View/download

 Mentoring is a valuable strategy to provide students with mentor support to achieve their goals after completion of graduation. So our teachers of the department shoot out the students according to their merits, interest, performance, and any other skills, and the shortlisted mentees were guided regularly through face-to-face contact; went to their homes, or over telephonic conversations. 


Details of result analysis and outcomes: View/download


Departmental Achievements: View/download


Notable Alumni: 

                     1. Gauranga Dutta  - 1st Class with distinction 

                     2. Hironmoyee Chetia - 1st Class, M.Sc, Ph.D (appearing)

                     3. Sanghamitra Sharma – 1st class, M.Sc

                     4. Dadul Rajkhowa – 1st class, M.Sc

                     5. Paramesh A. Saikia – 1st class, M.Sc

                     6. Bhaskar Borah – 1st class

                     7. Pabitra Pegu – 1st class

                     8. Dibyajyoti Saikia – 1st class

                     9. Indrani Devi – 1st class

                    10. Mahesh Saikia – 1st class

                    11. Lakhi Saikia – 1st class

                    12. Nijumoni Borah – 1st class

                    13. Nikumoni Borah – 1st class

                    14. Bedanta Borah – 1st class

                    15. Anupam Boruah – 1st class

                    16. Krishna Borah – 1st class

                     17. Anurag Bharali – 1st class

                18. Budheswar Lekte – 1st class


Departmental Activities: View/download

                               1. Departmental Fresher’s

                               2. Departmental field visit

                               3. Departmental project report

                               4. Participate in the cultural procession

                               5. Participate in college week

                               6. Participate in inter-college competition

                               7. Departmental fair well

                              8. Departmental exchange programme

                              9. Awareness programme on science study

                            10.  Webinar on poisonous snake of Assam

                            11.  World Wildlife Day Celebration

                             12.  National Science Day celebration 


Future Plan:

Our departmental future plane is to develop our department to reach the top rank under Dibrugarh University and  our department will try our best to make students participate in research, sports, and cultural programme and also to develop conservation of diversity of local ornamental fishes.


Any Others:

  University recommended Add-on course on Piggery will open shortly.


Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining View Profile
DIGANTA GOGOI Assistant Professor M.Sc. 14-Feb-1997 View Profile
KHAGEN HAZARIKA Assistant Professor M.Sc., B.Ed. 12-Jan-2000 View Profile
PINKI GOSWAMI Contractual MSc 01-Oct-2021 View Profile
BIDISHA KATAKI Assistant Professor 01-Jun-2023 View Profile
MANOJ NEOG Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Phil 0000-00-00 View Profile