bachelor of arts

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) (6 Semester) :

A student who have passed H.S. Examination (10+2) of AHSEC or any equivalent examinations (10+2) recognised as such by the Universities or educational councils will be eligible for admission into B. A 1st semester course.

Major Course in Bachelor of Arts (B.A) :

Assamese, Economics., Education, English, History, Home Science, Political Science and Sociology

Courses Structure :

Major Subjects :Seat Capacity :Compulsory Subjects :Non-major Subjects(any one) :
Assamese40MIL & EnglishPol.Sc/Eco./Edu/Phil/Sociology/Geography/Home.Sc.(Girls only)
Economics20MIL & EnglishPol.Sc/Hist./Edu/Maths/Phil/Geography/Sociology/Home.Sc.(Girls only)
Education35MIL & EnglishPol.Sc/Eco./Phil/Sociology/Geography/Home.Sc.(Girls only)
English20MIL & EnglishPol.Sc/Eco./Phil/Edu/Sociology/Geography/History/Home.Sc.(Girls only)
History20MIL & EnglishPol.Sc/Eco./Phil/Edu/Sociology/Geography/Home.Sc.(Girls only)
Home Science15MIL & EnglishPol.Sc/Eco./Phil/Edu/Sociology/Geography/History./Maths
Political Science35MIL & EnglishEco./Edu/Phil/Sociology/Geography/Maths/Home.Sc.(Girls only)
Sociology30MIL & EnglishEco./Edu/Phil/Sociology/Geography/History/Home.Sc.(Girls only)
Mathematics05MIL & EnglishEco./Edu/Phil/History

Non-major Course in Bachelor of Arts (B.A) :

Compulsory subjects: (a) English (b) MIL: Assamese or Alt. English (any one) (c) Environmental Studies

For 4th Semester: (a) Environmental Studies (B) Multi Disciplinary.

The students have to opt for any combination of two subjects together from the following groups A or B

Subject combination:

Group A: Political Science, Education, Sociology, History, Geography.

Group B: Political Science, Education, Economics, Philosophy, Home Science (only for Girls), Mathematics.