Bachelor of Arts (B.A) (6 Semester) :

A student who has passed the H.S. Examination (10+2) of AHSEC or any equivalent examinations (10+2) recognised as such by the Universities or educational councils will be eligible for admission into B. A 1st-semester course.

Major Course in Bachelor of Arts (B.A) :

Assamese, Economics., Education, English, History, Home Science, Political Science and Sociology

Intake capacity :

SUBJECTS B.A (Honours)
Honours Subjects Intake Capacity

Generic Elective

Assamese 40 40
Economics 20 20
Education 40 40
English 20 40
History 20 20
Political Science 40 40
Sociology 35 40
Home Science 15 20
Geography 15 20
Mathematics 05 10
Philosophy 15 20

Compulsory subjects: (a) English (b) MIL: Assamese or Alt. English (any one) (c) Environmental Studies

For 4th Semester: (a) Environmental Studies (B) Multi-Disciplinary.

The students have to opt for any combination of two subjects together from the following groups A or B

Subject combination:

Group A: Political Science, Education, Sociology, History, Geography.

Group B: Political Science, Education, Economics, Philosophy, Home Science (only for Girls), Mathematics.