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Department of Chemistry


The Chemistry Department was established in the year 1994. The department has strength of 4 experienced faculty members (Members with Ph.D. 01, M. Phil 03 and 1 pursuing Ph.D.).  The department offers B.Sc. Chemistry Honours and B.Sc Generic courses. The Department of chemistry publishes a Wall Magazine named "ALCHEMICA" annually wherein the students of the Department express their literary creativity through poems, short stories, prose and printing. The department is mainly provided the academic activities of the teachers and students, helping to the poor students, mentoring and motivating students, and participating departmental seminars/webinars and guardian meet. The department plays an important role in science-based activities and awareness carried by the Science stream of L.T.K College. The department offers opportunities for the learning of chemistry in pass course as well as in Honors course. The total strength of regular teachers is four at present. The department organizes various types of workshop, seminars, webinars, quiz competition and awareness campaign at the state. Apart from such activities, students are encouraged to take part in various programmes and activities of NSS, and Youth Festival among other events


The Department of Chemistry is to make significant contributions to chemistry research, education, and practice. for excellence in all aspects of teaching and learning, to enable students to achive qualities required in academic, research organizations and serve the society at state and national as well as international levels.


To understand the importance of Chemistry to the society and environment and to develop a natural attachment among students which can turn the students into a qualified professional

HS 150
B.Sc. (honor) 30
B.Sc. (Generic) 50


Department Syllabus:


Detail Report on Result : 









DIV-I –11

Div-II- 01

Withheld -11








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Details of midterm revision of syllabus(Proceeding):

 i. Distribution of syllabus (July,2021) :copies enclosed

ii. Midterm revision of syllabus (October 2021):copies enclosed

iii. Distribution of syllabus (January, 2022) :copies enclosed

iv. Midterm revision of syllabus (April 2022):copies enclosed


Results analysis and outcome(Proceeding):

Diagram: Pass% of dept. of chemistry and 1st class

In 2021-22 seventeenth students of our dept. of Chemistry appeared the 6th-semester exam and all of them successfully passed.


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Name Designation Qualification Date of Joining View Profile
MARAMI GOHAIN Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed. 29-Jul-1994 View Profile
BIREN KAKOTI Assistant Professor M.Sc., M.Phil 30-Nov-2000 View Profile
Dr.DEBAJIT DUTTA Assistant Professor (HOD) M.Sc, M.Phil, M.B.A, Ph.D 09-Sep-2012 View Profile
SUMAN RAJ MAHANTA Contractual MSc 18-May-2018 View Profile
PRASANTA SENAPOTI Contractual 0000-00-00 View Profile
Shilpa Saikia 0000-00-00 View Profile