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Dramatic Society and Cine Club Comittee

The Dramatics Society of L. T. K. College was formed on 21st September, 2017.

The objectives of the society are: -

  • To create awareness about theatre and its aspects.
  • To train and educated young enthusiastic students of the college by bringing together people who are concerned in the field of performing arts.
  • To provide students with a common platform to express their skills and knowledge on the field of performing arts


  • Social Skills: Dramatic art would help students to develop and learn important social skills which they can then apply to the real world -- the classroom, the home, in public settings and later, in the work world
  • Language Development: Dramatic art is an ideal way to promote language development. So, it is hoped that through dramatic art (acting out in different scenarios) students can learn language by using words that they may never use in a meaningful way which will help them to build their language skills.
  • Expression of Emotions: Dramatic art provides an opportunity to express one’s feeling about events they have experienced in a safe environment. It is hoped that it would help our students to express their feeling freely in any given situation.
  • Motor Skill Development: Dramatic art helps one to develop both their fine and gross motor skills. So, it would help our students to develop their locomotive skills.
  • Creative Thinking: Dramatic art encourages one to think creatively and exercise their imaginations. So, it would help our student to think creatively and exercise their imaginations.
  • Students can opt dramatic art as a profession

Committee of Dramatic Society:

Chief Advisor :  Dr. Bubul Kr.Saikia, Principal, L.T.K. College

Advisors :  Mr. Bidyut Chutia, Vice Principal, L.T.K. College

Mrs. Rumee Dutta, Associate Professor, L.T.K. College

President :  Mr. Biju Kr. Sonowal

Working President :  Mr. Prafulla Nath

Vice-President :  Mr. Basanta Dutta

Mr. Manuj Neog

Secretary :  Dr. Bhaskarjit Borah

Asst. Secretary :  Dimpol Pratim Borah

Shrawan Kr. Nath

Treasurer :  Mr. Manash Pratim Borah

Members :  All Secretaries of Students’ Union


On 25th January, 2018 the Dramatic Society staged the Drama Sakunir Pratisudh written by famous Assamese Dramatist Ganesh Gogoi. Faculty members and students of the college acted in the play and it was performed in the college auditorium.

Play: Sakunir Pratisudh

Dhitarastra: Biraj Ballav Goswami (Student)

Gandhari: Dr. Saradi Borah (Asst. Prof)


Play: Sakunir Pratisudh

Shakuni: Mr. Biju Kr. Sonowal (Asst. Prof.)

Doryadhan: Sri Jugal Kishor Mahanta (Student)


Session 2018-2019:

On 29th January, 2019 we the Dramatic Society Performed the drama ‘Karengar Ligiri’ written by famous Assamese Dramatist Jyotiprasad Agarwala. Faculty members and students of the college acted in the play and it was performed in the college auditorium.

A scene from the play: KARENGAR LIGIRI’


In the scene Dr. Saradi Borah and Students in the play: KARENGAR LIGIRI

Session 2019-2020:

In order to provide a platform and to showcasing the dramatic skills of the students, the dramatic society of the college in this session proposed to stage four One Act Plays. Besides, it was also proposed that all the four plays would be directed and acted by students only. Accordingly, on 22nd August, 2019 four One Act Plays were staged under the able directorships of students and successfully performed by students in the college auditorium.

Scenes from the One Act Play “MOKORA”  In the scene Subhas Saikia, Gokul Handique and others


A scene from the One Act Play “MOKORA”


In this session, with a view of providing exposure to dramatic art and skills, the Dramatic Society of L. T.K. College proposed to stage play named ISWAROR XONDHANOT acted by the members Rudraksha, a renowned dramatic unit located in Bihpuria. The play was staged on 11th May, 2022.

A scene from the play “ISWAROR XONDHANOT”