Lakhimpur Telahi Kamalabaria College | লক্ষীমপুৰ তেলাহী কমলাবৰীয়া মহাবিদ্যালয়, Azad, Lakhimpur, Assam-787031

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Our Distinctiveness

1. The performance of the institution in one area is distinctive to its vision: The college is a co-educational institution situated in an economically backward and rural area of the Lakhimpur district. The college offers undergraduate programmes both the inArts and Science stream to the aspiring youths of the district. At present, fifteen departments offer honours courses only. Besides, the college also offers Vocational Course (B.Voc.) in Food Processing under the Community College Scheme of UGC, Advance Diploma in Acting, Certificate Course in Nursery Management.Recently, all the college departments have started 22 (twenty-two) Add-on courses approved by Dibrugarh University to enhance the students' learning experiences. Every year a large number of rural students (Girls and Boys) take admission in different courses offered by the college and the college makes sure to provide all the basic need-based facilities to students as per the direction of the University and the State Government. The College always aspires to help poor and needy students so that they can overcome their academic hurdles, as an initiative the college has established a BOOK BANK wherefrom poor and needy students can avail free books every year. The college also undertakes several initiatives to sensitize students to gender equity, energy conservation measures, inclusiveness, human values, etc. Keeping all these in view, the college organizes several programmes such as lectures, popular talks, workshops, seminars, sports competitions, activities under NSS and NCC units, Extension Activity Committee of the college at a regular interval on the college campus as well as in the local areas. The college always ensures the participation of students as well as of the local people in such programmes of the college. So that students and local people can be sensitized to such issues. Besides, local people are allowed to use all the avail facilities of the college such as the playground for running, walking, and sports activities for their physical development, the college auditorium for cultural activities and conferences, etc. Therefore, it can be said that the college provides quality education and opportunities to students as well as to local people for their intellectual and emotional growth through different programmes which are relevant and responsive to the needs of the rural and educationally backward society of this region of the state.

2. The performance of the institution in one area is distinctive to its priority: College gives priority to promoting education to poor students of rural backgrounds. The students of the locality can’t afford their education in the urban colleges, due to several reasons financial. So, our college provides an academic environment to those aspiring students in a rural areas so that they can move ahead in their academic endeavours.  Keeping holistic development of the students in view, the college encourages them to participate in extracurricular activities (NSS,NCC, cultural, literary, and sports) so that they cop up with students of the mainstream. Besides, the college also organizes several talks, seminars, workshops, etc., to apprise students of the burning national and international issues.