Other facilities in the college

pic : Stainless Steel Water Purifier and Cooler


pic : Water Purifier


pic : Sanitary Pad Vending Machine


pic : Uninterrupted Power Supply (1)



pic : Uninterrupted Power Supply (2)


pic : Parking Space for Students


pic : Parking Space for Teachers


pic : Boys’ Common Room


pic : Girls’ Common Room


pic : Protected Boundary Wall


pic : Green Campus



pic : First Aid Box


pic : Book Bank


pic : CCTV Surveillance


pic : Medicinal Plant


pic : Fire Extinguisher


pic : Solar Light



pic : toilet/washroom facility

pic: Dustbin


Pic: Xerox facility


Pic: Car parking


Pic: CCTV in classroom


Pic: CCTV surveillance 



Pic: Girls Common Room -1


Pic: Girls Common Room-2


Pic: Green Campus - 2


Pic: Guest House - 1

Pic: Guest Dining Room

Pic: Yoga Centre