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The sexual harassment case prevention cell has been established in the year 2000. The primary goal of sexual harassment is "harassment Prevention" which requires changes in behavior, thinking, and attitude. There is no short-term solution but changes in workplace policies and procedures from employers can make sexual harassment prevention secure and safe. It can avoid a reduction in employee productivity and morale that harassment causes and the negative publicity that can result.

Aims and Objectives:

1. To promote awareness of Women-related issues.

2. To organize the programs for creating legal awareness among girls and ladies’ staff.

3. To strengthen them to confront sexual harassment.

4. To motivate the girls’ and ladies’ staff for developing a positive attitude.

5. To organize programs to educate them regarding the discrimination against women.


Name of the committee members: 

1. Dr. Bibul Kumar Saikia. (Principal) Chairperson

2. Mr. Bidyut Chutia (Vice Principal)

3. Mr. Biju Kumar Sonowal.(IQAC Coordinator)

4. Mrs. Rumi Dutta

5. Mrs. Marami Gohain.

6. Dr. Deepali Das

7. Mr. Biren Kakoti.