Lakhimpur Telahi Kamalabaria College | লক্ষীমপুৰ তেলাহী কমলাবৰীয়া মহাবিদ্যালয়, Azad, Lakhimpur, Assam-787031

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Vision and Mission


The vision of the College is to provide opportunity for higher education to the surrounding ST, SC, Other Backward and deprived communities. Aims of the College are to provide scope for holistic development of the students through such co-curricular activities as games and sports, music, cultural and literary activities and participation in social welfare schemes.


The mission of the college are -

  1. To shape the college as a model rural college of higher education.
  2. To provide maximum modern infrastructural and academic opportunities to the students.
  3. To impart higher education to the youths of economically weaker SC,ST and OBC communities.
  4. To arrange additional remedial classes for the betterment of students so that they can compete with the students of advanced classes.
  5. To promote awareness among the students about the socio cultural traditions of national interest in order to strengthen the concept of national integration and secularism.
  6. To promote a scientific and humanistic approach towards life.
  7. To take steps to introduce dynamics courses.
  8. To impart organized training in Games, Sports, Music, Cultural and Literary activities.
  9. To lay emphasis on research in unconventional areas of socio economic importance.
  10. To bring awareness and understanding of the immediate socio-economic problems among the teachers and students and develop their skill for meeting such problems.
  11. To promote the concept of collective unity for social and national interest.