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Sports and Games

The college has different procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic, and support –Laboratory, library, sports complex, computer, classrooms etc. These may be outlined in the following ways:

o The college infrastructure committee looks after the maintenance and utilization of physical facilities.

o Other facilities (including academic and support facilities) –Laboratory, library, computer, classrooms etc., technology equipment, laboratory equipment, and other office and departmental equipment are maintained by the respective departments/branches under the supervision of the college authority.  

Stock registers are maintained both at the authority and Departmental level which is verified annually and need-based addition are carried out accordingly. Library Advisory Committee monitors the developments and the need of the library and library equipment. The Committee meets annually or half-yearly to discuss new purchases and other related needs. Sports complex and Sports goods are maintained by the respective Prof-in-Charge of the Section of the Students’ Union along with the respective Secretary. Besides, Grade-IV staff are deployed to look at the whole campus along with its external facilities.

Besides, striving for academic excellence, the college also assigns a high degree of importance to games and sports, both indoor and outdoor. A well-equipped indoor stadium has already been completed for students. At the time of admission, weightage is given to students with outstanding sports records (district level and above) and the college supports and encourages players with concessions at the time of admission.