Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

In the 2005 IQAC of L.T.K. College was established with a vision of promoting and monitoring the progress and all-round development of the college. Besides, it aims to transform NAAC’s vision into action. Since its establishment, the Cell has been undertaking all the necessary steps and making arrangement for periodic assessments and improvements of academic programmes It also undertakes quality related activities, consultancy, training programmes, workshops, seminars etc. It tries to collaborate with other stakeholders of higher education for quality evaluation. In recent times it successfully conducted Academic Audit and Green Audit of the college for better SWOC analysis of the college as well as of each department.

IQAC Committee

Chairperson : Dr. Bubul Kr. Saikia, Chairperson, IQAC

Coordinator : Mr. Biju Kr. Sonowal, Coordinator, IQAC

Teacher Members : Dr. Swapna Dutta, Mr. Manash Pratim Borah,& Dr. Bhaskarjit Borah

Member from Management Body : Dr. Amiya Rajbongshi, President, Governing Body

Administrative Officer : Mr. Baharul Islam, Vice Principal, Mr. Atul Ch. Nath, Head Assistant & Mr. Chandra Nath Boruah, Librarian

Nominees from Students : Sri Subhash Saikia, G. Secy, Students’ Union

Nominees from Alumni : Mr. Prafulla Nath, Secretary, Alumni Association

Nominee from Employer : Mr. Atul Ch. Nath, Head Assistant

Nominee from Industrialist : Mr. Dipak Hazarika

Nominee from Stakeholders : Mr. Rajani Kumar Gogoi

Student satisfaction survey

Best Practices

Institutional Distinctiveness

Programme Outcomes