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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)


“To promote a culture of quality in order to accomplish and uphold global excellencies as an institution”


1. To organize and systematize the action plans of the college and endeavors in order to achieve national and international excellence.

2. To create a deliberate, consistent, and catalytic quality improvement system that supports the goals of the faculty members and students of the College.

3. To support innovative practices that will help staff members and students to teach and learn more effectively throughout time.

4. To assure a learner-centric environment equipped with the most up-to-date methods and tools for instruction, research, and knowledge sharing.


Aims & Objective

To promote and monitor the progress and all-round development of the college.

To transform NAAC’s vision into action.

To undertake all the necessary steps and making arrangement for periodic assessments and improvements of academic programmes.

To undertakes quality related activities, consultancy, training programmes, workshops, seminars etc.

To collaborate with other stakeholders of higher education for quality evaluation. In recent times it successfully conducted

To conduct Academic Audit and Green Audit

Functions of the IQAC

1. IQAC guides in continuous improvement of the institution by working out intervention strategies to enhance quality.

2. Conducts meetings at regular intervals (yearly minimum 4 meetings) and all the decisions taken in the meeting is communicated to the Authority and Head of the Departments concerned for implementation.

3. Monitors the holistic development of the college

  • 4. Committee meetings:-
  • a) To monitor the compliance of the decisions taken by the IQAC.
  • b) To analysis and prepare a report of the feedback collected at the end of each session.


IQAC Committee

Chairperson : Dr. Bubul Kr. Saikia, Chairperson, IQAC

Coordinator : Mr. Biju Kr. Sonowal, Coordinator, IQAC

Teacher Members : Dr. Swapna Dutta, Mr. Manash Pratim Borah,& Dr. Bhaskarjit Borah

Member from Management Body : Dr. Amiya Rajbongshi, President, Governing Body

Administrative Officer : Mr. Bidyut Chutia, Vice Principal, Mr. Atul Ch. Nath, Head Assistant & Mr. Diganta Hajong, Librarian

Nominees from Students : Sri Manash Pratim Boruah, G. Secy, Students’ Union

Nominees from Alumni : Mr. Prafulla Nath, Secretary, Alumni Association

Nominee from Employer : Mr. Atul Ch. Nath, Head Assistant

Nominee from Industrialist : Mr. Dipak Hazarika, Proprietor, Bogi Bread and Backery Pvt. Ltd.

Nominee from Stakeholders : Mr. Rajani Kumar Gogoi


IQAC Core Committee


Chairperson : Dr. Bubul Kr. Saikia, Chairperson, IQAC

Coordinator : Mr. Biju Kr. Sonowal, Coordinator, IQAC

Teacher Members :

1. Mr. Manash Pratim Borah

2. Dr. Debajit Dutta

3. Mr. Manoj Neog

4. Mr. Prabhat Saikia

5. Mr. Prafulla Nath

6. Dr. Bhaskarjit Borah

7. Dr. Himajyoti Doley

Members from Non-teaching staffs :

1. Mr. Kamal Borah

Student satisfaction survey

Best Practices

Institutional Distinctiveness

Programme Outcomes