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Aims and Objectives :

a. To familiarise the students with their personality traits by conducting different psychological tests.

b. To help the students to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their personalities.

c. To give support to students to cope with the challenges which arise in students’ life.

d. To provide guidance and counseling to students for their overall personality development.

e. To help in developing 21st century skills among the students.

f. To develop soft skills among the students.

g. To develop self-confidence and self-discipline among the students.

h. To identify different resource person and arrange quality training programmes for the development of soft skills among the students


Sl. No Name Designation Portfolia
1 Dr. Randeep Borah Asstt. Professor Joint. Convener
2 Mr. Pranjal Das Asstt. Professor Joint. Convener
3 Dr. Bhaskarjit Borah Asstt. Professor Member
4 Dr. Debajit Dutta Asstt. Prof. Member
5 Mr. Prabhat saikia Asstt. Prof. Member
6 Miss Rinku Dutta Asstt. Prof. Membe









Soft Skill And Personality Development
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