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Background:Science education equips students with the new skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to navigate an increasingly complex and interconnected world. It prepares them for academic success, meaningful careers, and active participation in society. A science forum serves as an appropriate platform for students in Higher Educational Institutes to exchange their views and thoughts on Science, Technology, Environmental issues, New discoveries, etc., and engage them in science and technology-related activities. Science forums can act as a bridge between the public, students, and the scientific community, fostering collaboration and networking. This allows students to find potential collaborators or mentors for initiating any scientific activity. The establishment of a science forum at L.T.K. College is a strategic move to create a dynamic and collaborative environment that supports the pursuit of knowledge, research excellence, and the overall advancement of science within the institution.

The L.T.K. College Science Forum was created on 17-10-2023 through the collaborative efforts of the Principal and all the faculties of the college. The forum is dedicated to contributing to the overall mission of advancing science, fostering collaboration, and promoting its positive impact on society.

The aims and objectives of the forum are:

  • To disseminate and promote scientific knowledge among the scientific community and the general public.
  • To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among scientists, researchers, academicians and students.
  • To encourage and support research initiatives and innovative ideas of students.
  • To organize educational programs, workshops, and seminars to enhance scientific literacy.
  • To engage in outreach activities to promote an interest in science among students and the public.
  • To facilitate open discussions and debates on current scientific issues and advancements.
  • To provide a platform for the critical analysis of scientific theories and methodologies.
  • To promote ethical practices in scientific research and discourage scientific misconduct.
  • To advocate for the importance of science in addressing societal challenges and improving the quality of life.
  • To engage the public in science-related activities to increase awareness and understanding of scientific concepts.

The Regulatory Body:

Adviser: Dr.Bubul Kr. Saikia, Principal

President: Dr.Debajit Dutta

Vice President: Mr. Prabhat Saikia, Mr. ManashProtim Borah, Mr. MrinmoyKakati.

Secretary: Mr. Manoj Neog

Asst. Secretary: Dr.BidishaKataki, Ms. Pinki Goswami, Mr. JadumoniSaikia

Publication Secretary: Mrs. JuliGohainNeog

Members: Mr. Atul Gogoi, Mrs. SwapnaliBuragohain, Mrs. MaramiGohain, Mr. Bharat Hazarika, Mr. Khagen Hazarika, Mr. BirenKakoti, Mrs. Rashmi Rekha Dutta, Ms. Rinku Dutta.

Programs organized:

1) A one-day program entitled “Awareness & Training on Snake Rescue” was organizedon 17.10.2023 in collaboration with BihangaBandhu, DBT-NER Advanced Level Bio-tech Hub, ChaiduarCollege, Pu En Fu Wild, Assam Wildlife Rescue and Research Organization, Wildheart Foundation, Environment and Forest, GOA.